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My first book, The Sasquatch in My Tent, now has an official release date. Of course, it became available for pre-order yesterday, but in all my exuberant beer-filled celebration of that fact, I might have become a touch too inebriated to let you fine folks know. Having spent the day sobering up, and with little more to do than get myself together for a supply run before heading out to the Tallahassee area to check out some claims of seeing a swamp ape, I figured I should probably let this secret out there.

So, there it is. The Sasquatch in My Tent is now available for preorder. Of course, you can always wait till its May 15th release date, but if there's any chance you're as forgetful as I am, you may want to save yourself some heartache and order now.


I have been asked to name the sources for my new book The Sasquatch in My Tent. I will say this: no. No, I will not. There is an obvious reason for this: I don’t want you to disappear. They are really out there, you know. They are watching everything you are doing. They know you are reading this page right now.

Who, you ask? You are seriously asking this question? Where have you been? The MIB. The Man. The Government. The Watchers. Whatever you want to call them. They are all around.

Now, you're probably asking yourself why would they want me? Here's why. If I should divulge my sources and it is found out that you, a relative of yours, or possibly your best friend is actually a sasquatch-baby or something else… Then what?

You will have been responsible for their untimely erasure. In fact, who was it you were thinking about? Yeah, see, I never heard of them and neither has anyone else. Just like that, they never existed all because you just had to know about someone else's …


Okay. I know in my erotic monster novella The Sasquatch in My Tent, the sasquatch is never in the tent, I understand this. It is just the title. Also, I want to point out that in most tents, especially when this story took place, it would be ridiculous. Just imagine a little two man tent with a sasquatch going at it... huh?

Admittedly, that would be hilarious to watch. But it just didn't seem as funny on paper as it did in my head. And I had already wasted the energy making the cover, among other things. I like the title and truth be told the title The Sasquatch Beside my Tent just seemed odd.

So, to sum it up: why did I title it like that? Because I wanted to. Hell, if I feel like it, I will name it "butt monkey lollipop in my ass" if I feel so inclined. By the way, that may or may not be the title for my next book. Stay tuned.

... what was her name?

I had to check my journal today to be sure this first book of mine follows the original account as accurately as possible, and I realized something: I never did explain the whole reason I was in New Mexico in the first place.

Well, there had been a chupacabra sighting about a week earlier and I hadn't had much luck elsewhere, so I decided to head in that direction. Leads were slim right then and it seemed as good a place to stop as any other.

It took a bit of back and forth and altogether too much to finally track down a original witness. Unsurprisingly, tales of a clawed creature attacking a herd of sheep and leaving one of them dead, exsanguinated, have a way of spreading. In the end, I probably put a good 200 miles on my old pickup truck -not an easy thing when you're hauling a 32' travel trailer. Yeah, I know I call it a rig in the book. Anything that big qualifies as a rig in my eyes.

​Anyway, I tracked down a man who supposedly saw the creature. I pulled the usual ro…