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TITAN - A Campfire Tale Released Today

Today the second installment to the Campfire Tales makes its way out into the world in a giant way. This tale takes a slightly different turn that the other stories I've written about so far. It is humorous bordering on absurd, yet most assuredly just as true as every other story I've shared.

In what is likely to be the only time I ever speak of him, this tale comes from a buddy of mine named Steven and tells how he learned the importance of not walking blindly through portals to other dimensions. It is a wet and slippery tale of two unlikely lovers that, to this day, still leaves me scratching my head and wanting to get Steven a wetsuit for his next birthday.

It's a larger than life tale sure to make a big impact, filled with gripping, body tingling action that's sure to suck you in (because it sure did for Steven.)
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