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Pre-order A Flat and the Werewolf - A Monster Erotica a New Cover!

Time to show off the new cover for my upcoming release A Flat and the Werewolf - A Monster Erotica. I am personally really happy with how the cover came out.

It's available for pre-order now at

A Flat and the Werewolf - A Monster Erotica
Fed up with her cheating boyfriend, Trisha heads to LA to pursue the one dream left to her. But a flat tire on a back road leads to a sensual encounter with a green-eyed stranger who insists these woods are filled with danger. Ignoring his warning, Trisha finds her life forever changed, forcing her into hiding. A surprise encounter with a monster hunter finally brings some normalcy to her life. 

Titan - A Campfire Tale

I'm working on the second installment ofmy Campfire Tales series. Making every effort to get it completed by Halloween. I don't know if I will have it done by then since I won't race it if it is being difficult.
I have always found it strange that even though I'm writing the character's story based on journal entries, they often want their own life, separate from me. Too often they seem to become filled with an effort to lead their own lives through me.
This wouldn't be so annoying if they didn't just want to sit around drinking beer and watching the world pass by. Now, I admit, that's not the worse thing but... always? That's not really me.
Either way, I have come up with a couple of cover ideas for this one. Curious what anyone thinks of them.

Update the cover chosen:

Stop by Smashwords and get your copy of the first -A Campfire Tale- Muff Diving for Monsters. Just follow the link.

Get your free copy of Muff Diving for Monsters

A group of monster hunter buddies unwinding around a campfire after not seeing one another for a year or more is a guarantee that a lot of stories will get whipped around. Some of them true, some not so much, but most stories will be a cross between the two. Either way, here we go with the first installment of the series. Free on Smashwords!
Get your copy now and find out what happens when two former college roommates join forces in an effort to find out what is causing trouble in town. They may not find much but they definitely find each other.

Muff Diving for Monsters

Muff Diving for Monsters is a new short story that is the first of a planned series of three.
Each of the stories in this series was told to me at a barbeque that a bunch of us monster hunters try to have once a year. Now, yeah, maybe we're all a little bit shit-faced when telling these stories and they may be wrong and missing a few details but there they are.
Naturally, I have changed the names and locations. Some of my friends are a little on the paranoid side.
Now available: