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Excerpt - From Gator Man Lover

"Overwhelmed by the new sensations and emotions tearing through her, Nelly’s mind struggled to make sense of what she was feeling. In her mind’s eye, she felt and saw her body be split in two, leaving her wide open, a broken shell of a woman cast aside as her essence merged with that of her lover, forging something new and better than she could have ever hoped to be on her own.

Her body sat pinned at the precipice of pleasure, unable to push further forward into orgasm, unable to step back and regain clear thought. Opening her eyes, she could barely focus on anything but the impossibly deep eyes of her lover. Their bodies moved together, perfectly in sync with the inescapable rhythm that held them as one, one heartbeat, one consciousness within the murky moonlit swamp.

A movement behind her lover caught her eyes. Had she been capable of coherent thought, Nelly might have been surprised to discover the mysterious man had a tail, but she could do nothing but cling to the man, gasping for breath as his tail came around, entering her ass, finally throwing her over the edge of orgasm. Ragged breath was punctuated by her cries of pleasure. She clawed at his back, scrambling to hold onto him though he held her tight."

An excerpt from Gator Man Lover. Available at any of these retailers:


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