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Excerpt - From Gator Man Lover

"Overwhelmed by the new sensations and emotions tearing through her, Nelly’s mind struggled to make sense of what she was feeling. In her mind’s eye, she felt and saw her body be split in two, leaving her wide open, a broken shell of a woman cast aside as her essence merged with that of her lover, forging something new and better than she could have ever hoped to be on her own.

Her body sat pinned at the precipice of pleasure, unable to push further forward into orgasm, unable to step back and regain clear thought. Opening her eyes, she could barely focus on anything but the impossibly deep eyes of her lover. Their bodies moved together, perfectly in sync with the inescapable rhythm that held them as one, one heartbeat, one consciousness within the murky moonlit swamp.

A movement behind her lover caught her eyes. Had she been capable of coherent thought, Nelly might have been surprised to discover the mysterious man had a tail, but she could do nothing but cling to the man, gasping for breath as his tail came around, entering her ass, finally throwing her over the edge of orgasm. Ragged breath was punctuated by her cries of pleasure. She clawed at his back, scrambling to hold onto him though he held her tight."

An excerpt from Gator Man Lover. Available at any of these retailers:


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DRUNK THREE - Drunken Tales of the Drunk

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Excerpt - The Sasquatch in My Tent

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“Holy fuck, Patty. What do I do?”

“Nothing. He will do everything, everything you have ever dreamt of.”

Mary’s eyes searched the sasquatch’s face. Her apprehension was clear. The creature raised one burly hand and gently touched her chest, running its fingers down across one breast, along her abdomen, and down to the darkened space between her legs. I could hear the creature make that same low, purring sound again.

I watched, uncertain how Mary would respond. My mind replayed our conversation from earlier today. It took so much for Mary to be fulfilled, to experience the level of satisfaction that she needed from a lover. Maybe this would help her, maybe this would do for her what I had tried to do, maybe it would fill the need I tried so hard to fill.

Perhaps it was the grass, perhaps it was the whiskey, or perhaps it was the gentleness she found in the creature’s eyes as he lightly caressed her body, but Mary visibly relaxed. …

Excerpt - Drunk Three

“Oh, Gods.” What the hell. It’s coming for me. She egged herself on, forcing sore muscles to move and carry her up the stairs. She threw her shoulder into the door but missed the push bar. The force of the impact knocked her backward; she bounced off the steel door, nearly falling over.

“Chrissy, you can't hide from me.” The voice singsonged up the stairs.

“Crap!” She looked at the door, this time noticing the push bar. Pushing hard, she went through the door, immediately turned right, and made a beeline for the roof of the bar. I can make it! Her legs pumped hard and she threw her weight forward, pushing off, head back, and cleared the three feet between the buildings with ease.

Landing on the roof of the bar, she twisted her ankle and crumpled, somersaulting across the roof and coming to a stop on her back. The night sky glimmered above her and for a moment she could do nothing but lay there.

“Chrissy! I’m coming for you!”

The voice cut through the numbness overcoming her though…