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Between Sadists and Sympathizers

When it comes to writing characters, authors are either sadists or sympathizers (imo.) Now, seeing as how my Monster Erotica Series is based on true stories, same as my Short Story Erotica series, I play the part of the sympathizer. I've met these people, I know their names, and I have seen firsthand what these sexual encounters with monsters has done to their lives. It ain't always pretty.
But, when venturing into the realms of fiction, when the horrors that come with this line of work are allowed some release, I can't help but be a sadist. Nightmarish corners of my mind are aired out, shadows and demons leaking out and wreaking ungodly horrors on the lives of those poor, invented people trapped beneath my pen.
I'm telling you, this year's NaNoWriMo novel is going to be damned interesting.