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I’ve been hanging out in North Texas for a couple of days now, getting repairs done. Ended up talking to a ranch hand who mentioned how some of his boss’ goats were ending up dead every couple of weeks and all of them were missing their left hind leg. The ranch hand was convinced it’s the work of a chupacabra, but I had my doubts. For obvious reasons. Anyways, I eventually went and spoke to the rancher, mostly out of boredom. He gave me permission to hang out on his ranch for a few days.
I got myself atop a high point and waited, night after night. It was on the fourth night I saw the headlights and watched the rustlers take down a goat with a large blade. They cut off one of its back legs then quickly left. I called the sheriff right away and the next morning the rancher gave me a bottle of whiskey and $500 out of appreciation. He told me I was welcome to camp free anytime on his land (just let him know first.) All in all, it worked out nice. I didn’t even ask for the money. Marking…