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I was at an out of the way tavern overlooking a beautiful lake. The sun was setting across the lake, waking up a new and noisome variety of Wisconsin wildlife. It was a view I was partial to take advantage of, so I sat on the deck, taking in the stillness and trying to sketch out a route for the next day’s travels.

Just as I decided to definitely head westward, knowing that something good would likely pop-up that way, I received an email from a woman in Kentucky. She tells me that she’s been ravaged by a trio of goatmen. Not raped mind you, but ravaged. And by satyrs, no less. Now, being in Wisconsin, I had heard of these goatmen over the years. But reports of them had long since fallen into the realm of legend and myth.

​Setting down my beat-up road atlas, I knew there was no way I was going to head west now. I shot back a quick reply, letting the woman know I’d start heading her way tomorrow. Tonight, however, I will enjoy my beer and this beautiful sunset. Hell, maybe I can find a …