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So, I was at this bar in Wisconsin, last month. As usual, I can’t help but to talk to people about local legends. It’s a great way to pass the time, drum up some action, and I also happen to enjoy the process of getting people to warm up to me and confess the weird ass tales they’ve been keeping secret out of fear of no one believing them.

Well, this particular woman (who may actually have an address for the bar stool next to me) told me about how she was having a problem with a mysterious chicken vampire. Believe me, just the sheer idea of a chicken vampire stressed my ability to not burst out laughing in her face. I also may have had too much to drink but, anyway, I followed her home and we had some coffee.

Anyways, in the morning I followed her out to her chicken coop and, sure enough, there were dead chickens in there.. Well, apparently vampire chickens wasn’t what she meant. What she meant was that she thought there was a vampire feeding on her chickens. Well, I looked at the sit…