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Eyes of a Gator

Looking into the eyes of an alligator could mean death to some and perhaps even dinner to others. However, for Nelly, looking into those eyes brought a question, a question that can only be answered if she can figure out if her new Gator Man Lover is only a dream or if the swamp is giving her so much more.

​Gator Man Lover is available now


If you remember, I promised that I would tell you exactly how I came to this line of work. To show you I'm holding true to my word, here's the cover for the upcoming book detailing that nightmare.

Death Rabbit Apocalypse. My own personal tale of horror. Stay tuned for more to come.

The Sasquatch in My Tent- A Monster Erotica

The release date for ​The Sasquatch in My Tent: A Monster Erotica​ is quickly approaching and I'm finding myself as excited as a parent sending their kid off to school for the first time. While I can't wait to hear what you think of this tale, I know that I'll just have to be patient -after all, the release date is still just under a week away.

But, in an attempt to make more constructive use of my excitement, I made a major overhaul of the cover. Let me know what you think and be sure to preorder The Sasquatch in My Tent: A Monster Erotica to ensure you don't miss it when it comes out!

Gator Man Lover, is now available for preorder

Looking for some more real life tales of monster porn? My second book, Gator Man Lover, is now available for preorder.

The Louisiana bayou is home to many secrets, many of which are rarely voiced except when a bit too much alcohol can coax a tongue into loosening. It was in one of those hushed conversations that I learned the tale of Nelly.

She had been shaken by the death of her husband and had committed herself to a whiskey soaked life of solitude deep in the swamp. While she may have been content with her misery and simple life of fishing, trapping, and foraging, the swamp took pity on her.

Strange things began happening, things that defied rational explanation. With little more evidence than renewed hope and a pleasure riddled body that something really was going on, Nelly became increasingly convinced that she was finally going crazy. But she couldn’t help but think that the unusually large gator that visited her each night had something to do with all of this. There was somethin…


Who is Martian L. Beast?

It’s a natural question to have when you meet someone, especially someone as peculiar as Martian. After reading a few of his books, it’s easy to wonder how… how, exactly, does one come to be this way? What sort of events needed to transpire for someone to not only choose to live this sort of life, but to relish every moment of it?

The answer to these questions is a story unto itself. And that story is one that will now finally be told.

It all began with a nightmarish incident that took place in New Mexico. Like many events that occurred in that forgotten state during the ‘70s (and, yes, New Mexico is part of the United States) this incident was quickly covered up by the government. It happened when Martian was someone else, someone a whole lot younger, much better looking, and spent most of his time flipping burgers, screwing his girlfriend, and living a boring life destined for obscurity. But the universe had other plans for him. While his life may still be…